Early Start to Scientific Research: EEE STAR


EEE STAR program is created to provide EEE undergraduate students an opportunity to be a part of the various research groups in the department and conduct cutting-edge research. They can join an established research group and contribute to the work, or pursue their own ideas.


Competititon Successes of Undergraduate Students:

METUSAT team ranked 4th in the 2015 International CANSAT competition. The team is composed of 5 undergraduate EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) students (Baran Bodur, Barış Duru, Halil İbrahim Uğurlu, Doğa Veske, Doğa Yücalan) and 5 graduate AE (Aerospace Engineering) students (Ömer Ataş, Efe Camcı, Waheedullah Taj, Münire Gülay Şenol, Burak Yağlıoğlu). The EEE team conducted the work under STAR program with guidance of Prof. Sencer Koç. For more information click here.


Research Outputs of Undergraduate Students:  

The research projects with the undergraduate students have resulted in the following journal publications:

  • C. Candan, Y.B. Erol, "Conjugate directions based order recursive implementation of post-Doppler adaptive target detectors," IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation, vol.6, no.7, pp.577-586, August 2012, pdf.

The work described above has started during the 3rd year of Yusuf Bugra's study at METU-EE. The work has continued for almost 1.5 years. Yusuf has completed his BS degree in 2011. He is currently working as a research assistant at University of California Berkeley EECS Department working on  artificial intellligence, machine learning. (http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~yberol/)

  • C. Candan, H. Inan, "A unified framework for derivation and implementation of Savitzky–Golay filters", Elsevier Signal Processing, vol. 104, pp.203-211, Nov. 2014, pdf.

The work has started during the summer break before the start of 4th year and continued until the graduation of Hakan. Hakan has completed his BS degree in 2013. He is currently working as research assistant at Stanford University working on brain research and neuroscience. (http://pyramidal.stanford.edu/)

  • U.I. Can, B. Bayram, "Plasma-activated direct bonding of patterned silicon-on-insulator wafers to diamond-coated wafers under vacuum", Diamond and Related Materials, vol. 47, pp.53-57, Aug. 2014, link.

Üryan Işık Can joined ULTRAMEMS Research Group in METU-EE as an undergraduate researcher in Sep. 2012 as a junior student, and continued her research until her B.S. graduation in June 2014. She is the first undergraduate student in Turkey to be officially awarded as a scholarship recipient from a TÜBİTAK research project, after the new law issued in March 2013 enabling undergraduate students to become active project researchers. She received extensive cleanroom training including major MEMS laboratory equipments and processes at the cleanroom facilities of National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM). She focused on microfabrication and characterization of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs). She attended International CMUT Workshop in Antalya (May 2013) and SAVTEK Conference in Ankara (June 2014) to present her work about CMUT characterization. She attended IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium as an attendant in Prague (July 2013).

  • A. Sinan Akyürek, Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu, “A Depth-Optimal Low Complexity Distributed Wireless Multicast Algorithm”, The Computer Journal, vol. 54, No.6, July. 2011, pp. 988-1003, pdf.

The work started when Sinan Akyürek was a 3rd year student. The initial results of this study has been published in Turkish at SIU 2008 conference (pdf) and then extended for a journal publication. Sinan is currently working towards a Ph.D. degree in Communications Networks area at University of California San Diego (http://seelab.ucsd.edu/~asakyurek/).


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