On-Chip Amorphous Photonic Waveguides in Near Infrared

Project Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Serdar Kocaman

Project Duration: 24 Months

Project Start Date: 2017

Funded Personnel: 2 MS Students will be involved.

On-chip amorphous structures in the near infrared region will be studied in terms of obtaining a flexible waveguide. Near infrared is the optical communication region and novel on-chip structures are important for new generation systems with higher capacity and higher speed. Amorphous structures have some advantages in having a precise control over light propagation compared to the traditional devices (simple waveguides and photonic crystals). The proposed project here aims to test the theoretical potential of amorphous structures in a practical setting. Considering the internet and the derivatives of internet such as cloud computing is getting more and more popular, the results obtained here will constitute a baseline for future studies as well.