nBn Structured Infrared Photodetectors in Extended SWIR Band

Project Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Serdar Kocaman

Project Type: TUBITAK 1001 Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program

Project Duration: 24 Months

Project Start Date:

Funded Personnel: 2 PhD Students (full-time)


In this project, for the first time in the literature, nBn type infrared detector with delta doping layers will be developed for InGaAs detector technology for expanded SWIR (eSWIR) wavelength (approximately 2.5 µm cut wavelength). In SWIR band, traditional single band 1.7 µm cut-off wavelength detectors have been successfully developed and megapixel focal planes are recently produced in Middle East Technical University Quantum Devices and Nanophotonics Research Laboratory (METU-KANAL) which is one of the few research groups in the world in terms of infrared materials technologies covered by its expertise. Here, eSWIR test detectors in the developing detector structure (nBn) will be developed.


Serdar Hoca 1001 Pic.