Graduate Admissions

Application to MSc and PhD programs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering will be made to the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences through the online system as explained in the link provided below:

It is recommended that before interviews for application evaluation, you take the opportunity to get into touch with faculty members working in areas where you are applying in order to obtain information and to build opinion on possible thesis work.

By the beginning of 2017-2018 academic year, students applying to MSc and PhD programs should cover the background content listed below according to specialization areas.

Please click the name of the related specialization area to learn about the procedures that will be applied to those students who have not taken courses covering the content listed in the table.

Specialization Area

Background Content


EE415, EE416, EE430


EE441, EE445, EE447

Control Theory

EE402, EE406, EE430

Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

EE462, EE463, EE464

Electromagnetics, Antennas and Microwaves

EE426, EE427


EE413, EE419

Power Systems

EE471, EE472


EE302, EE430

Signal Processing



EE435, EE436


For further information please check admissions page of Graduate School of Natural Sciences.