We congratulate you on your upcoming graduation from the METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering department!

This message aims to inform you about a free email forwarding service provided to our department alumni. 

More information on the service is as follows:


Email Aliasing and Forwarding Service:

Following your graduation, your metu email account will be closed shortly. The official student mail address shows a clear connection between you and METU. Unfortunately this connection becomes invisible, once your account is closed. 

We explain the service with an example: Let's say that Mr. Ali Yuksek Akim is a 2019 graduate of our department. Let's say Ali uses akim@mycompany.com.tr email address for his work.

To Mr. Akim, we provide 'ali.yuksek.akim@alumni.eee.metu.edu.tr' email addres and emails sent to this address (ali.yuksek.akim@alumni.eee.metu.edu.tr) will be automatically forwarded to Mr. Akim's primary email address (akim@mycompany.com.tr). This email (ali.yuksek.akim@alumni.eee.metu.edu.tr) address is easy to remember and will be available for life-time...

Using this service,

1. Many years from now, Mr. Akim's friends can get in touch with him.

2. Many years from now, the department can get in touch with Mr. Akim, say, to deliver his 10th year graduation medal! ( Check this page https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOOc4h6OW_84nQoCoRtGu5i0QGQRf35_tuB-pwjVARgm05rnaNsQvLXCQsNIcLr3A?key=SzVjRklvUC1qd3pxUkd3d3BDbUNJbUxGRVIwdlVB ) 

3. Mr. Akim can discreetly present his prestigious METU degree to his other colleagues/boss/new friends by mentioning his email (or writing on his business card.)

Our current plan is to provide this service as long as we can...

(We continually run this service since June 2009.)


To enroll to this system:


Go to:






login (***Important***  -> For the first login, please select forgot password link to receive your password.)


and change your email forwarding address to another address that you prefer (say gmail, hotmail etc.) 

Please do not forget that e1XXXXX@metu.edu.tr will expire shortly, complete these steps as soon as possible.


We wish you a great graduation ceremony,



On Behalf of METU - EEE