Kemal Leblebicioğlu
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·     B.Sc.: Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, METU, 1979.

·     M.Sc.: Department of Mathematics, METU, 1982.

·     Ph.D.: Department of Mathematics, METU, 1988.

Research Interests

  • Optimization: theory and practice
  • Optimal control of distributed parameter systems
  • Unmanned underwater-air vehicles
  • Expert System Design
  • Image processing (in particular, multi-scale and variational approaches in image processing)
  • Process control
  • Intelligent control
  • Inverse problems (in particular, system identification problems)
  • Time-frequency and wavelet transforms, and their applications in signal processing
  • Observer and controller design techniques for nonlinear systems
  • Flight control
  • Walking robots
  • Decision making systems
  • Development of courses for asynchronous and distance education




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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS II (not included in ISI citation index)


1.     B. Yüksel, K. Leblebicioğlu, “Toward the enhancement of biped locomotion and control techniques: walking pattern classification”, Artif. Life Robotics, vol. 16, pp. 208-213, 2011, (This work was presented in part and awarded Best Paper Award at the 16th International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics, Oita, Japan, January 27–29, 2011).

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  • ·       Teknokent Projesi: “Sualtı Akustik Haberleşme Sisteminin Modellenmesi, Tasarımı ve Geliştirilmesi, Sualtı Araçlarının Otopilotlarının Tasarlanması ve Güdüm Algoritmaları”, Desistek LTD., 15 Temmuz 2016 – 31 Aralık 2017, bütçe: 253.000 TL.
    • ·     Santez projesi, 0291.STZ.2013-2 kodlu, “ATEŞKES” (Akustik algılayıcı ağların optimizasyonu ile ateşli silah konumunun tespit edilmesi (Determination of the location of firearms based on optimization of acoustic sensor networks), together with Havelsan Corp., Date of starting: 01.03.2014, 2 senelik, bütçe: 220.000 TL (~ 100.000 $).
    • ·     METU-Technokent Consultancy: Intelligent Traffic System Design, Ortana Ltd., 2012 (two years).
    • ·     TÜBİTAK, İnsansız Sualtı Araçları İçin Yol Planlama ve Sualtı Optik Görüntülerin Akustik Görüntüleme Desteği İle Iyileştirilmesi (Path Planning for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles and Improvement of Underwater Optic Image Quality Using Acoustical Imaging)", project supervisor, budget: 419 000 TL (~ 200.000 $), 2012 - 2015.
    • · KOSGEB Arge ve İnnovasyon Programı, “Taşınabilir İnsansız Denizaltı Sistemlerinde opto-akustik Görüntü Sistemleri Uygulaması (Opto-Acoustic Imaging in Portable Unmanned Underwater Vehicles)”, ( (together with Emre Ege), 2011.
  • ·     Sanayi Bakanlığı Teknogirişim Sermayesi Desteği, “Orkinos: Taşınabilir insansız denizaltı sistemleri (Portable Unmanned Underwater Vehicles), (”, 97.500 TL (~ 50.000 $), (together with Emre Ege), 2011.
  • ·     TÜBİTAK, “Çoklu İnsansız Hava Aracının (İha) Koordineli Güdümü ve Yol Planlama (Coordinated Guidance and Path Planning for Unmanned UAV’s)”, project supervisor, budget: 392 000 TL (~ 200.000 $), 2011 - 2014 (
    • ·     A consultant for “YEGAM” (A special company under Bahçeşehir University Educational Foundation), through ODTÜ – Teknokent company Yenel Ltd., 57.000TL + VAT (~ 35.000 $). 
    • ·     TÜBİTAK, “ULİSAR: Ulusal İnsansız Sualtı Aracı (National Unmanned Underwater Vehicle)”, project supervisor, budget: 350 000 TL (~ 200.000 $), 2006 - 2009.
    • ·     TÜBİTAK-İltaren; Danışmanlık (consultant), “Uçan cisimlerin kontrolü (Control of flying objects)”, 2004.
    • ·     TÜBİTAK-Bilten - TAİ; Danışmanlık (consultant), “Uçan cisimlerin parametrelerinin elde edilmesi (Determination of parameters of flying objects)”, 2003.
    • ·     Aselsan, “Çoklu Hedefli Çoklu Kameralı Hedef İzleyici Algoritma Tasarım Projesi (Multi-target, multi-camera tracker algorithm design)”, araştırmacı (researcher), budget: approximately 70.000 $, 2005.
    • ·     Research fund project (METU): “Bulanık Renkli Petri Devreleri ile Hata Teşhis ve Tesbiti (Fault detection and diagnosis using fuzzy Petri Nets)”.

Project No: 

Supervisor: M.K. Leblebicioğlu

           May 2000 - May 2001

  • ·     Research fund project (METU): “Six Legged Walking Robot”.

Project No: BAP - 2002 - 03 - 01 - 06

Supervisor: M.K. Leblebicioğlu

June 2002 - June 2004

  • ·     Research fund project (METU): “Robot Navigation by Genetic Programming”.

Project No: BAP - 2002 - 07 - 04 - 05

Supervisor: M.K. Leblebicioğlu

June 2002 - June 2004

  • ·     Research fund project (METU): “Speeding up of evolutionary algorithms by a parabolic approximation and their use in the training of artificial neural networks”.

Project No: 98-06-04-01

Supervisor: M.K. Leblebicioğlu

May 1998-May 1999

  • ·    TÜBİTAK project: ‘‘Image filtering and segmentation by multi-scale approaches’’.

Project No: 198E008

Supervisor: M.K. Leblebicioğlu

Sep. 1998 - Feb. 2000

  • ·    TÜBİTAK complementary doctorate program: 5 Ph.D students are assigned to ‘‘Computer Vision and Neural Networks’’ research groub. 

Group coordinator: Prof. Dr. Uğur Halıcı

      Sep. 1996 - Sep. 2000 

  • ·     Research fund project (METU): “Anahtarlı Relüktans Motorlarında Moment Dalgalanmasının Minimize Edilmesi (Minimization of perturbations of moment in switched reluctance motors)”. 

Project No: 94-03-01-05

Supervisor: M.K. Leblebicioğlu.

Sep. 1994-Sep. 1995

  • ·   Research fund project (METU): ‘‘Development of 3-D computer graphics software for problems in EMT and control’’.

Project No: 89-03-01-06

Supervisors: M.K. Leblebicioğlu and G. Dural. 

Sep. 1989-Sep.1991