This seminar series is proposed by the visiting professor Dr. Reyhan Baktur. It is intended for students of all academic level but with a particular emphasis and interests tailored to undergraduate students.

The seminar series will take a tour of the fundamentals of wireless communication, such as modulation method, signal-to-noise ratio, and antennas as the front-end. The seminar will include the most recent and cutting-edge technology in Deep Space exploration, biomedical implementation, and 6G applications.

The seminar will be during lunchtime on Wednesday, and Dr. Baktur will provide Pide for students. When time allows, each seminar will include a puzzle and game component imbedded in the Q&A session.

There will be a total of five seminars and the topic as well as the date for each are as follows.

Seminar Date Topic
1 Feb. 28 Electromagnetics in Space: From the Surface of Earth to the Edge of Solar System
2 Mar. 6 Wireless Communication Link Budget
3 Mar. 20 CubeSat Design and Deployment
4 Apr. 24 Antenna Design for CubeSats
5 May 29 Optically Transparent Antennas

Dr. Reyhan Baktur is an associate professor at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Utah State University (USU). Her research interests include antennas and microwave engineering with a focus on antenna design for CubeSats; optically transparent antennas; multifunctional integrated antennas, sensors, and microwave circuits.
She is affiliated with the Center for Space Engineering at USU, the Space Dynamics Laboratory (the university affiliated research center), and collaborates with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
Dr. Baktur is an an IEEE Antennas and Propagation (APS) Distinguished Lecturer of 2022-2024, AdCom member of IEEE APS, and is active in US National Committee of the International Union of Radio Science, serving as the chair for commission B, and the inaugural chair for the Women in Radio Science.