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NEW! Internships in public institutions: We have been informed that from now on all public institutions in Turkey (kamu kurumlari) accept internship applications through a centralized system. Please consult this page for further information.  

NEW! SP meeting video now available: You can access the slides and the video of the SP meeting on Friday, March 19 through OCW. Please login to with your usual METU account. Select the EE300/400 Summer Practice course, where the video is available under the Announcements section. The password for accessing the video is also provided below the link. 

NEW! Online and research internships (2021): Due to the department board decisions taken on Friday, March 19, online internships and research internships will continue to be accepted for the EE300/400 courses this summer (2021). Please see the Department decisions due to COVID-19 section below for details.

Voluntary internships: The SGK insurance for voluntary internships is now covered again by the university. 

Information for students who did an internship in the winter break: If you did your SP in a company in Turkey and you received payment during your SP, please send the below documents by email to velif-at-metu-edu-tr  preferably within 10 days after you received all of your payments. (If you did not receive any payment during your SP, you do not need to do anything.)

1. Paid SP Form in excel format

2. Signed copy of the Paid Summer Practice Form 

3. The bank receipt (in pdf format) showing that you received payment from the company.




Department decisions due to COVID-19

The following decisions have been taken by our department for internships for the summer of 2021:

1. Classical internships conducted by physically attending the work place will continue to be accepted for evaluation within the EE300/EE400 courses. 

2. EE300/EE400 internships can also be conducted by remote working. Note that in this case, in addition to the “SP evaluation Form”, the Remote Internship Evaluation Form (word) (pdf) must also be filled in.

3. Research activities done at universities abroad or in Turkey under the supervision of a faculty member can also be evaluated within the EE300/EE400 courses. This includes internships at our university or in our department as well. Research internships can be done by remote working. Note that in addition to the “SP evaluation Form”, the “Research Internship Evaluation Form” (word) (pdf) must also be filled in.

4. The total duration of the classical and remote internships described in items 1 and 2 above must be equivalent to 20 full work days. The total duration of the research internships described in item 3 must be equivalent to 30 full work days.

5. Only one of the EE300 and EE400 internships is allowed to fall within the scope of items 2 and 3 above. This means that at least one of the internships must be a classical internship. This rule does not apply for students expecting graduation in 2022 or earlier.


SGK Insurance Application System 

The insurance application module in the OCW system will be activated towards the end of the Spring semester.


Other information

Remote internship evaluation form: Download (word) (pdf).

Research internship evaluation form: Download (word) (pdf).

Lifelong learning evaluation form: Download (Turkish) (English)

Summer Practice process (available in Turkish only, please visit here for information in English)

Internship booklet files (including internship evaluation forms) in soft format (excel) (pdf).



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