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Information for students registered to EE300/400 in the Fall semester: The SP documents will be collected in the following way over ODTUClass until October 30, 2020. 

- Your SP supervisor can send the SP evaluation form (2nd page of the SP booklet) to the Department Student Affairs by email in pdf format (to serdark-at-metu-edu-tr). The document can be signed traditionally or digitally. It is also possible to send the document to the Student Affairs by post in a closed envelope. 

- The following documents will be collected online via ODTUClass: .

a. SP report in pdf format. Please make sure that the cover page of your report includes your name, your student id, the course information (EE300/EE400), the SP location, and the dates of your SP.

b. Cover page of your SP report approved by your SP supervisor (The cover page can be approved with a traditional or digital signature. Alternatively, your SP supervisor can send you an email stating that they have read and approved your SP report, which you can upload in pdf format)

c. Lifelong learning evaluation form (If this document has been provided to you in a closed envelope together with the SP evaluation form, you do not need to upload it on ODTUClass. It is enough to send the closed envelope to the Student Affairs.)

d. Remote internship evaluation form (if applicable) 

e. Research internship evaluation form (if applicable) (For remote research internships, one of the forms in (d) and (e) is sufficient)

The deadline for submitting these documents is October 30, 2020.  The ODTUClass system for collecting these documents is now activated.

SP report - Faculty member assignments:  The assignment results are now announced on OCW. Please log in to OCW and check the list in the "Announcements" part to find out about which faculty member will evaluate your SP report. Do not forget to get registered to the EE300 or EE400 course in the section of this faculty member during the add-drop period.

SP report format for STAR projects: If you have done your SP within the STAR program this summer, you can use your STAR report (prepared in the IEEE format) also as your SP report. STAR students who have written their report in the classical SP report format can also use this format. 

Questionnaire for assigning a faculty member to your SP report: Students who will take EE300 or EE400 in the Fall 2020 semester are requested to fill in the questionnaire named "SP Report Faculty Member Assignment Questionnaire" under the EE300/400 Summer Internship course in OCW until Thursday, October 15. (If you have done both of your EE300 and EE400 SPs this year, please fill in an individual questionnaire for each one.)

This year you will not be asked to upload an early draft version of your SP report. Instead, your answers to this questionnaire will be used for determining the faculty member who will evaluate your SP report. Please remember that you need to get registered to the EE300 / EE 400 courses during the add-drop week under the section of the faculty member who will evaluate your SP report. The SP report - faculty member assignments will be announced on our website during the add-drop week.

Remote internship evaluation form: Download (word) (pdf).

Research internship evaluation form: Download (word) (pdf).

Instructions for students who got payment during their SP: Please read the section "Instructions for Paid Summer Practices"


Department decisions due to COVID-19

The following decisions have been taken by our department for internships to be done between June 6 - October 11, 2020:

1. Classical internships conducted by physically attending the work place will continue to be accepted for evaluation within the EE300/EE400 courses. 

2. EE300/EE400 internships can also be conducted by remote working. Note that in this case, in addition to the “SP evaluation Form”, the Remote Internship Evaluation Form (word) (pdf) must also be filled in.

3. Research activities done at universities abroad or in Turkey under the supervision of a faculty member can also be evaluated within the EE300/EE400 courses. This includes internships at our university or in our department as well. Research internships can be done by remote working. Note that in addition to the “SP evaluation Form”, the “Research Internship Evaluation Form” (word) (pdf) must also be filled in.

4. The total duration of the classical and remote internships described in items 1 and 2 above must be equivalent to 20 full work days. The total duration of the research internships described in item 3 must be equivalent to 30 full work days.

5. Only one of the EE300 and EE400 internships is allowed to fall within the scope of items 2 and 3 above. This means that at least one of the internships must be a classical internship. This rule does not apply for  4th year students expecting immediate graduation.


Some remarks

1. Although internships by physically attending the work place will continue to be accepted this summer, for your health and safety, we recommend you to prefer internships by remove working  if possible.

2. You can do an internship in the winter break. This can be a classical, remote, or research internship.

3. If you are already working in a company as a candidate engineer, you can present the relevant part of your work for the EE300/EE400 courses as long as your internship duration and the type of your work meet the necessary conditions. However, do not forget that you need to have a full-time SGK insurance during the period that will officially count as your SP period. If you have a part-time insurance already established by your company, you need to cancel your insurance and apply for full-time insurance.


SGK Insurance Application System 

The insurance application module in the OCW system has been closed at this time as we have reached the end of summer.


Instructions for Paid Summer Practices

If you did your SP in a company in Turkey and you received payment during your SP, you need to do the following preferably within 10 days after you received all of your payments. (If you did not receive any payment during your SP, you do not need to do anything.)

1. Login to with your usual student account.

2. Fill in the "Paid SP form questionnaire" under the EE300/400 course. Please fill in all entries carefully. Incomplete submissions with missing entries are immediately rejected by Rektörlük. You may contact the HR department of the company in order to obtain the information regarding the company. If you notice that you made a mistake when filling in the form, you can submit a new one and the latest submission will be taken into account.

3. Download, print, and sign the Paid Summer Practice Form . Upload the scanned copy of the signed form (in pdf format) under the assignment "İşsizlik Fonu Katkısı Bilgi Formu (Paid SP Form)". 

4. Upload the bank receipt (in pdf format) showing that you received payment from the company under the assignment "Stajda ücret ödendiğine dair banka dekontu (Bank receipt for paid SPs)".


Other information

Summer Practice process (available in Turkish only, please visit here for information in English)

Internship booklet files (including internship evaluation forms) in soft format (excel) (pdf).



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