Summer Practice



NEW! Information for students who got payment during their SP: If you did your SP in a company in Turkey and you received payment during your SP, please read the instructions in the "Instructions for Paid Summer Practices" section below and enter your paid SP information in the OCW system.  

NEW! Information for students doing an internship at EMO "EMO Genç Staj Programı": If you are planning to present your internship activities within the EE300/400 courses, we strongly recommend you to personally prepare a project / design / simulation setup related to one of the trainings you receive during the program. We hope that this will be helpful for better profiting from your training by gaining hands-on experience and also provide material for your SP report. 

Signature for SP work contracts: If you need to get your summer practice work contract signed by the department SP committee, you can leave your work contract to the department printing office (D-120) and collect it in one week. 

SGK insurance applications: The OCW system is now open for submitting SGK applications. Please carefully read the "SGK Insurance Application System" section below.

Information for students who will do a SP and attend summer school this summer: Summer practices are not allowed to overlap with teaching periods in general. However, do to the difficulties arising from the pandemic this summer, overlaps will be allowed only if both conditions 1 and 2 below are satisfied:

1. If the overlap between the SP and the summer school is not more than one week.

2. a. If the SP is online, or if the hours lost due to courses can be compensated by remote working


b. If all courses taken in summer school are asynchronous and they do not prevent the student from attending the SP during daytime.

Internships in public institutions: We have been informed that from now on all public institutions in Turkey (kamu kurumlari) accept internship applications through a centralized system. Please consult this page for further information.  

SP meeting video now available: You can access the slides and the video of the SP meeting on Friday, March 19 through OCW. Please login to with your usual METU account. Select the EE300/400 Summer Practice course, where the video is available under the Announcements section. The password for accessing the video is also provided below the link. 

Online and research internships (2021): Due to the department board decisions taken on Friday, March 19, online internships and research internships will continue to be accepted for the EE300/400 courses this summer (2021). Please see the Department decisions due to COVID-19 section below for details.

Voluntary internships: The SGK insurance for voluntary internships is now covered again by the university. 


Department decisions due to COVID-19

The following decisions have been taken by our department for internships for the summer of 2021:

1. Classical internships conducted by physically attending the work place will continue to be accepted for evaluation within the EE300/EE400 courses. 

2. EE300/EE400 internships can also be conducted by remote working. Note that in this case, in addition to the “SP evaluation Form”, the Remote Internship Evaluation Form (word) (pdf) must also be filled in.

3. Research activities done at universities abroad or in Turkey under the supervision of a faculty member can also be evaluated within the EE300/EE400 courses. This includes internships at our university or in our department as well. Research internships can be done by remote working. Note that in addition to the “SP evaluation Form”, the “Research Internship Evaluation Form” (word) (pdf) must also be filled in.

4. The total duration of the classical and remote internships described in items 1 and 2 above must be equivalent to 20 full work days. The total duration of the research internships described in item 3 must be equivalent to 30 full work days.

5. Only one of the EE300 and EE400 internships is allowed to fall within the scope of items 2 and 3 above. This means that at least one of the internships must be a classical internship. This rule does not apply for students expecting graduation in 2022 or earlier.


Precautions against COVID-19

1. Please read here the rules that should be followed against COVID-19 in offices and work places as announced by the Ministry of Health. If you will physically attend your SP work place, please make sure that the SP location that you choose respects these precautions.

2. If you will do an internship by physically attending a work place in Turkey (company or university), in order for your SGK insurance to be issued, you need to provide the following two internship eligibility documents along with your insurance application:

a. Document certifying that you are medically eligible to physically attend your SP institution (Ögrenci muvafakatname): To be signed by you

b. Document certifying that your SP institution follows the rules established by the Ministry of Health (Kurum muvafakatname): To be signed by your SP institution. Note that some institutions may prefer to prepare their own version of the institution eligibility document. As long as these documents give the same information, they will be accepted.

3. If you will do a remote internship, you do not need to provide these internship eligibility documents.

SGK Insurance Application System 

The insurance application module in the OCW system is now open. All 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students are registered to the “EE300/400 Summer Internship” course by default. Please note the following:

1. The “EE300/400 Summer Internship” OCW course is created only for the practical purpose of collecting the insurance application information of students. This is not a real “course”. Note that when your internship is over, you still need to get registered to the EE300 or EE400 courses in the Fall semester (or summer school if you are planning to).

2. If you are not planning to do a SP this year, just ignore all the instructions below. You do not have to do anything about the OCW system. 

Students who will do a SP this summer should carefully read the information below about “When to apply” and “How to apply” for the SGK insurance.


When to apply for the SGK insurance

The ideal moment to apply for the insurance using the OCW system is within 2-3 weeks before the beginning of your internship. To make the procedure work efficiently, let us follow these ground rules:

1. On the Monday morning of each week, the insurance applications of students beginning their internships within two weeks will be sent to Rektörlük. For example, the list sent on July 26, Monday covers the students with SP beginning dates between July 27 - August 6. 

2. For your SGK document to be issued smoothly and on time, you should leave a safety margin of 1 whole week (Monday to Friday) between your application and the beginning of your SP. For example, if your internship begins in the week of August 2-6, then the ideal moment to apply for the insurance is within the week July 19-23, so that your application is sent to Rektörlük on Monday July 26 and your document is issued on time. 

3. Please do not apply for the insurance too early (for instance, don’t apply 2 months before!). This is for two reasons:

a. Even if you apply early, Rektörlük does not process insurance applications that start in more than two weeks. 

b. There may often be changes in the SP plans of students, such as modifications in the SP beginning dates, cancellation of the SPs, etc. If you have already sent an application, this causes extra work for everyone.

4. Please do not apply for the insurance too late, neither (for instance, don’t apply 5 days before your internship starts!) This is very likely to lead to delays in the preparation of your SGK document and causes extra work for everyone. Remember that the ideal time to apply is 2-3 weeks before the beginning of your SP. Please see also rule 1 above to see when your application will be processed.


How to apply for the SGK insurance

1. First, make sure that you already read the section “When to apply for the SGK insurance” above.

2. To apply for the insurance, first login to with your usual student account. You should normally be already registered the EE 300/400 course, which you should be able to see under “My courses”. If you fail to see EE 300/400, please send an email to the SP Committee (velif-at-metu-edu-tr). 

3. Click on EE 300/400 and you will see a list named “Required Information” in the course menu.

4. If you will physically attend your SP work place: 

a. Upload your student eligibility document in PDF format under the link “Ögrenci Muvafakatname”.

b. Upload your SP institution eligibility document in PDF format under the link “Kurum Muvafakatname”.

If you do not know what these mean, please refer to the section “Precautions against COVID-19” above.  Please note that due to COVID-19 this summer, for students physically attending the work place, without these eligibility documents internships are not allowed and SGK insurances will not be done.

5. Click on “SGK Insurance Application”, which takes you to a questionnaire where you must enter your identity and company information. If you will physically attend your work place, make sure that you first uploaded both eligibility documents before taking the questionnaire. Do not forget to click on “Submit Questionnaire” when you finish.

6. If you have successfully completed all these steps, then your application is done. You will not receive any notification or confirmation when your application is sent to Rektörlük, and you will still be able to view your application on the OCW system. This is normal since we use the “questionnaire” structure to collect your data and answers remain accessible.

7. Your SGK insurance document will be available on e-devlet typically 2-3 workdays before the beginning of your SP. You can access your document on e-devlet by following these steps: First, login to . Type "işe giriş" in the search field. Select "4A İşe Giriş Çıkış Bildirgesi(Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu)" among the search results. Find the line corresponding to your current SP and access your SGK document by clicking on "Belge oluştur.". Note that we do not send you your SGK document by email any more, as it is available on e-devlet.


Emergency applications: If for some reason your internship starts soon (there are no Mondays between the current date and your SP beginning date) and you were not able to apply to the OCW system on time, please fill in the excel file provided here with your internship information in soft format. Email the document to velif-at-metu-edu-tr with the subject line  

SGK basvurusu: Name Surname

providing your name and the day and month of the beginning date of your SP. Please also send the signed and scanned copies of the two eligibility documents in the same email if you will physically attend the work place. Remember that you are normally supposed to use the OCW platform and you should not resort to this emergency solution unless you have a very valid reason.


After applying for the SGK insurance

1. What to do if you notice you made a mistake in your “SGK Insurance Application” questionnaire:

a. Calculate if your application has already been sent to Rektörlük or not: Simply check rule 1 in “When to apply” above. 

b. If your application has not been sent to Rektörlük yet: Enter a new questionnaire with the correct information. Please do not contact us. The most recently filled version of the questionnaire will be taken into consideration and the older versions will be ignored. 

c. If your application has already been sent to Rektörlük: Contact the SP commitee (velif-at-metu-edu-tr)

2. What to do if your internship is cancelled: Contact the SP commitee (velif-at-metu-edu-tr)

3. What to do if your internship is approaching and your SGK document is not ready yet: Rektörlük issues SGK documents typically 2-3 workdays before the beginning of the SP, and they become immediately available on e-devlet. If there are still at least 2 workdays until your SP beginning date, this is normal, please wait. If your SP begins the next workday and your SGK document is still not accessible, contact the SP committee in the morning (e.g. contact on Friday morning if your internship begins on Monday)

4. If you have a second internship to do this summer: Please follow the same procedure to form a new SGK application using OCW. However, please make sure to send your second application once the SGK document of your first internship is already issued (so that your second application does not overwrite the first one). Please upload the new "Muvafakatname" documents as well, under the same assignments as before but by selecting "Edit Submission" and uploading your second pdf without overwriting the first one (the system settings adjusted to accept multiple submissions).


Instructions for Paid Summer Practices

If you did your SP in a company in Turkey and you received payment during your SP, you need to do the following after your SP, as soon as you have received all of your payments. (If you did not receive any payment during your SP, do not do anything.)


1. Login to with your usual student account.

2. Fill in the "Paid SP form questionnaire" under the EE300/400 course. Please fill in all entries carefully. Incomplete submissions with missing entries are immediately rejected by Rektörlük. You may contact the HR department of the company in order to obtain the information regarding the company. If you notice that you made a mistake when filling in the form, you can submit a new one and the latest submission will be taken into account.

3. Download, print, and sign the Paid SP Form (YÖK Katkı Formu) . Upload the scanned copy of the signed form (in pdf format) under the assignment "İşsizlik Fonu Katkısı Bilgi Formu (Paid SP Form)". 

4. Upload the bank receipt (in pdf format) showing that you received payment from the company under the assignment "Stajda ücret ödendiğine dair banka dekontu (Bank receipt for paid SPs)".


Other information

Internship documents: Download (pdf).

Unemployment fund contribution information form: Download (doc).

Remote internship evaluation form: Download (word) (pdf).

Research internship evaluation form: Download (word) (pdf).

Lifelong learning evaluation form: Download (Turkish) (English)

Summer Practice process (available in Turkish only, please visit here for information in English)

Internship booklet files (including internship evaluation forms) in soft format (excel) (pdf).



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