Summer Practice Steps


Steps to Follow

Before Summer Practice

  1. Examine the Summer Practice Website as early as you can, as much as you can.
  2. Check the additional information related with paid insurance or SGK insurance paid by the school. The pdf document (in Turkish) can be accessed here.
  3. Find yourself a company for summer practice. You may
    1. Check the list of companies contacted the department for summer practice students.
    2. Examine the summer practice databases of earlier years.
    3. Use your social skills, family, friends and others to establish contacts.
    Make sure that you carefully read the instructions on our main page. Please apply for your SGK insurance on time.
  5. Some companies request a document (letter) stating that the insurance for the summer practice will be paid by METU. You can pick up a letter confirming the payment from the EEMB D-120 Photocopy Office (Basım İşliği Ofisi).
  6. Some companies may request a document for the proof of EE 300 - EE 400 mandatory summer practice. Learn if you need one of these documents. If you need one, go to EEMB D-120 Photocopy Office (D-120) (Basım İşliği Ofisi) to get a signed and approved form. Completion of approval process may take some time, be prepared.
  7. Pick up your summer practice notebook from the Student Photocopy Office (A-Block) or MM Building 2. Floor,"Satin Alma Ofisi" or EEMB Photocopy Office (D-120) (Basım İşliği Ofisi).
  8. You are ready. Go and start your summer work.

During Summer Practice

  1. On the first day of your summer practice (or when you meet the engineer with whom you are going to working with) submit the introduction letter (either in Turkish or English) from the summer practice committee explaining the procedures and goals of summer practice.
  2. Do attend the work with full concentration, be vigilant and observe what is going on, try to participate. You will write a detailed report soon. Don't forget that you can work at the same place next year for salary.
  3. Regularly take notes to help you in writing the final report.
  4. Prepare draft version of your report while conducting your practice. (Be prepared that you need to upload your report as soon as the new semesters starts.)
  5. Towards the end of practice, have the mentioned summer practice notebook signed and evaluation form filled.
  6. You also need to have the "Lifelong Evaluation Rubric" (either in Turkish or in English) filled out and signed by your SP supervisor together with your evaluation form.
  7. You may have the evaluation papers mailed to the department; BUT if possible, prefer to bring the evaluation papers with you in a sealed envelope so that it won't be misplaced, delayed, lost in department mail. Also see the rules page.

After Summer Practice

  1. Convert your report to pdf format.
  2. Upload your report to the summer Practice website, before the registration period.
  3. During one of the upload steps, you will write your comments on the company that you have just finished your summer practice. Critically express the weakness and strengths of this summer practice location. Your feedback will be read and appreciated by the following summer practice students.
  4. Print your comments on the company, because you will include the printed comments page along with your report to the department.
  5. You do NOT need to register for EE 300, EE 400 during the registration phase.
  6. Summer practice committee starts assigning a faculty member to each uploaded as soon as the upload period ends. The faculty members evaluating the reports will be announced on the summer practice homepage in two weeks time.
  7. Register to EE300/400 in the section of the assigned faculty during the add drops.
  8. Finalize your report. On the first visible page of the report that will be submitted for evaluation put the name of faculty member assigned to your report. (To help carbon footprint reduction, please print your report on both sides of paper sheets. We receive approximately 400 reports yearly, each of which is 30 pages on the average. Please check:how-to-print-on-both-sides.)
  9. Important: Upload the final version of your report and print the page presented by the system saying

"You have uploaded the final version of your summer practice report consisting of 123 pages or 123456 bytes on 2010-10-01 19:00:00 from 144.122.166.XXX."

  1. Important: Fill and print the company evaluation form (step 4 and step 9) and summer practice cover page. (Do not write the faculty member's name on the cover page. Put the name on the first visible page of the report. Name can be hand-written with a pencil.)
  2. Important: Staple summer practice cover page and the first page of Summer Practice booklet (the booklet that you have obtained as explained in Step 6 of "Before Summer Practice" section) together. (The first page is the page with your picture.)
  3. Include cover sheet, company evaluation form to your report and bring them all to EEMB Student Affairs Office (Ogrenci Isleri , D-Blok 2nd Floor) by the end of add-drop period (first two weeks of classes) or during the announced time period.
  4. In EEMB Student Affairs Office, you will find a roster. Find your name and sign at the place next to your name when you submit the documents. This is the final step of report submission.
  • You have at least two weeks between the time you upload the pdf file and the final submission of the printed report. You can improve your during this time period. You can make various corrections, clarifications and additions; but it is not accepted to have big changes making your final report totally different from the .pdf file.
  • Make sure that your report does not have the mistakes mentioned in this checklist.

Evaluation Process

  1. The submitted report will be read by faculty members and your grade will be assigned accordingly.
  2. Between Dec. 1 - Dec. 7, 20XX : Reports that require corrections will be returned to the students.
  3. If your report is returned, you have 4 weeks to complete the requested corrections.
  4. When you are done with the corrections, return your report to the evaluating faculty.
  5. During this process contact the faculty (preferably by email) and learn the status of your report or there are corrections required.
  6. Trace your summer practice evaluation form. This means: If you have not submitted your summer practice form by hand to the department; follow the whereabouts of this form. It may be lost, misplaced or not even be mailed, you may have lots of difficulty if your summer practice evaluation form does not reach the department.


  • Make sure that company you have decided for summer practice satisfies the requirements of the Department.
  • Make sure that you have written the report professionally, following the recommendations on the website.
  • You may be asked to make corrections on your report. Do the corrections as requested if there is a need.
  • Finding a summer practice location is never easy. Try to look for a good one as early as you can!!!