• You can find the registration announcements via this link. (The document is available only in Turkish)
  • You can find the important points to be followed during the registration at this link. (The document is available only in Turkish)
  • You can find the preparations regarding the registration via this link. (The document is available only in Turkish)
  • The announcement regarding the registration and advisor approvals can be found here.
  • The fall term schedule can be found at the following web page https://eee.metu.edu.tr/term-schedules.
  • You can find the announcement regarding the undergraduate and graduate program registration correction via this link, and late registration application information is available at this link

Please read the following items for information regarding the procedure of graduate and undergraduate counting (or substitution) of courses taken from another program, from another university, and within the same program. The term substitution will be used during this announcement instead of counting.

Students who wish to apply for a leave because of the Covid-19 pandemic, please read the relevant documents provided below. This announcement will be updated if there is an update regarding an extension because of this leave.