Broadband On-Chip Optical Modulators & Switches

Project Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Serdar Kocaman

Project Duration: 36 Months

Project Start Date: 2017

Funded Personnel: 1 PHD and 3 MS Students will be involved.

Today’s common platforms have both electrical and optical components and the signal has to be converted from electrical domain to optical domain and from optical domain to electrical domain at every stage of the link. Furthermore, the electrical wires at their physical limit. Due to these two factors, the new generation systems will include all-optical components as much as it is practical.

In this project, optical modulators and switches will be designed and fabricated. The innovative devices will have a larger spectral width advantage in addition to being all optical. Designed structures will be able to be fabricated in the large foundries that are manufacturing electronic chips. Therefore, there is no additional infrastructure is urgently necessary and this makes the whole process cost efficient.