Electrical Machines and Power Electronics Area

Required background for applicants:

For eligibility, the applicant should have taken EE361, EE362, EE462, EE463, and EE464 (or equivalents of these courses if the applicant is not a graduate of METU). Students who have not taken these courses in their undergraduate study are expected to be successful in all of them in the MSc program. These courses cannot be replaced by another course.

If the student does not meet these requirements,

  • EE361-EE362 can only be taken in the Academic Deficiency Program.
  • If the student did not get a passing grade from any of the 4th year background content courses (EE462, EE463 and EE464), the student is required to complete two of these courses under the Academic Deficiency Program while one of them may count towards M.Sc. program with credit.
  • If the student has successfully passed EE463, the student must complete the missing background content courses (EE462 and/or EE464) during his/her MSc program.


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09/10/2019 - 19:31