To the attention of our students whose maximum term expires at the end of the semester 2021-2022/1!

An announcement about undergraduate students whose maximum education period has expired at the end of the 2021-2022 Fall semester is on the student affairs department page, please read this section carefully. 

2021-2022/1. Application procedures of students whose maximum term expires at the end of the semester are stated on the student affairs department page

Application forms according to the specified articles are explained below;
A) Undergraduate students who want to apply for an Additional Exam at the End of the Maximum Education Period;

Application Form of students who meet the condition of Article a); The additional exam application form (Form-1) must be filled in on the computer and signed by the advisor and the student. Signature from the Vice President is not required for Form-1 Submission). Form-1 must be submitted to the Department Student Affairs Office D-116 between 21 - 25 March 2022. Documents that are not signed wet and incompletely filled documents will not be processed. Exam dates will be announced in the interval specified in the supplementary exam application calendar.

B) Undergraduate Students who have 2 to 5 courses left at the end of the Maximum Education Period and Want to Benefit from the 4 Term Additional Time Right without taking the Additional Exams,
C) Undergraduate Students Who Want to Benefit from a One-Time Attendance for Applied Courses at the End of the Maximum Education Period, Actions to be taken by students who comply with the conditions of Article b) and c);
Handing over the Form-2 and Form-3

Form-2 and Form-3 will be left at the Electrical Engineering D-120 (printing workshop) office for the signature of the Deputy Head of Department. The signed documents will be taken by the students from the D-120 (printing workshop) office on Friday during working hours and delivered to the Registrar's Office as specified in the link. Incompletely filled documents without the signature of the Advisor, Student Department Head. It will not be signed by his assistant. For Form-2 and FORM-3 signatures, the date of 10.03.2022 must be left until 11.30 am.
Students who comply with items b) and c) must register for the relevant courses during the Add-Drop week and get advisor approval. 

* Students who apply to the Registrar's Office with Form 2 and/or Form 3 until March 11, 2022 will be able to log in to the registration system on March 14-18, 2022, which has Course Add-Drop and Advisor approvals, and get advisor approval.

* You can find the Implementation Procedures and Principles Determined by the METU Senate in accordance with Article 44 (c) of the Law No.